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Auto Suspension Repair in Greenwood Village, CO

You want a smooth ride—not a bouncy one! If your car is leaning, swaying, or bouncing while you drive, bring it to Davis Repair for auto suspension repair. At our auto shop in Greenwood Village, Colorado, we provide shock replacement, strut replacement, and comprehensive auto suspension work.

By providing first-rate services, we ensure you enjoy safe driving with every twist and turn on the road. Some signs indicating that you may need new shocks and struts include:

  • Car Sways or Leans on Turns
  • Car Nose-Dives When Applying Brakes
  • Excessive Bouncing When Going over a Bump
  • Fluid Leaking from Struts or Shocks
  • Harsh, Bumpy, or Shaky Ride
  • Dented or Damaged Shocks or Struts
  • Broken or Worn Mounts or Bushings
  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Stiff or Noisy Steering
Car on a Lift in Greenwood Village, CO

What Are Shocks & Struts?

You've probably paid little attention to the shocks and struts on your car or truck. That is true of most people. The only time we think about them is when they are not working correctly. When they are damaged in some way, your car begins to bounce or sway.

This ultimately compromises your driving ability and safety on the road. A tire blowout coupled with failing shocks and struts is a bad combination. Don't take chances with your safety. Allow our ASE-certified technicians to provide a complete inspection of your suspension system.

Inexpensive Shock Replacement

Stay steady on the road again when we provide shock replacement. We install shocks on all makes and models—both foreign and domestic. Don't get shocked by other repair shops that charge high prices for this service. The honest and friendly team at our business offers for affordable and dependable shocks. Depending on your car's make and model, we have several shocks to choose from that cater to your budget.

Strut Replacement Made Easy

You may be able to change your battery or your oil, but replacing struts is something different altogether. Fortunately, our skilled mechanics make the job easy and affordable for you. If you're unsure if you need strut replacement, stop by our auto repair shop, for an inspection. We'll give you an honest assessment and quote a fair and fixed-price if it needs to be replaced.

Contact us for suspension repairs if your car is riding rough. We serve customers in Greenwood Village, Englewood, Denver Tech Center, Meridian, and Inverness, Colorado.