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Auto Electrical Repair in Greenwood Village, CO

We have a short fuse for unscrupulous auto mechanics that provide careless car wiring repairs. At Davis Repair, you'll always receive top-quality auto electrical repair and fair prices from the most friendly and honest car technicians in the area. Our goal is to put you in charge every time and not "shock" you with our prices.

In fact, with every auto wiring repair, you'll know the cost beforehand because we feature fixed-price servicing. Whether your car has problems with the battery or headlights, we'll determine the issue and provide an affordable repair. Some of the signs that indicate your car may have electrical issues include:

  • Ignition Problems
  • Headlights
  • Battery Keeps Losing Power
  • Power Windows
  • Fuel Gauge Problems
  • Anti-Theft System
  • Cruise Control Problems
  • Intermittent Electrical Shorts
  • Radio
  • Air Conditioner Won't Turn On
Car Being Worked On in Greenwood Village, CO

Specialists in Car Electrical Repair

It's easy to connect a battery, but it's a much more difficult task to fix car wiring problems. That's because the issue may relate to your car's computer or it may simply be a blown fuse. As ASE-certified technicians and car electrical repair specialists, we are highly skilled at diagnosing any problem and offering an effective solution. We troubleshoot and repair all types of electrical problems.

Domestic & Foreign Auto Wiring Repair

Auto wiring repair problems, for some mechanics, are too hot to handle! Without the proper tools and training, it is difficult for them to diagnosis the issue. Fortunately for you, our team is fully equipped to repair electrical issues for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Many times the issue relates to battery problems, blown fuses, damaged alternators, connectors, or bad switches. Whatever the problem, our auto electrical repair team can connect the wires for you again.

Advanced Car Wiring Repair

Modern auto electrical systems are much more complex than they were decades ago. With all of the digital components, sensors, and computer systems in vehicles today, you can't afford to let an unskilled mechanic mess with the wires in your car. As experienced car wiring repair technicians, we have the diagnostic equipment to determine the exact problem and put you back on the road in a fully powered car.

Contact our auto repair shop for a vehicle diagnostic if you have a problem with your alternator, starter, or car battery. We serve customers in Greenwood Village, Englewood, Denver Tech Center, Meridian, and Inverness, Colorado.